Yesterday while driving to Los Angeles I asked my wife Who am I ? Is it me the professional ? Or a Husband ? Or a father ? .

This question lead to my second question if someone is trying to know me what information can provide them a complete picture about me? If I can provide them my past financial information do they know me ?  If they know about my friends they will know me ? If they know my monthly spending on my utilities and groceries do they know me ?

Normally to know a person we establish a relationship with them and then learn about them over a certain time. This relationship can tell us about the person (qualitative factor) but it will not tell anything about their net worth (quantitative measure).

Now imagine a financial institution that is trying to know me millions of Me. They want to know me both Qualitatively and Quantitatively and they want to do it in an efficient manner, without spending months (if not years) to know me. How will they do it ? Is there a way that is better than others ?

All these questions have prompted us to rethink how we define Credit Bureau Data ? How we collect and report information ? How do we define Who am I ?

Over next few posts we will try to understand and learn how we define a human being ? How we collect and report information that the institutions can see who we really are and not just a data entry.

We welcome you to join us on this journey and welcome your active feedback.



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